About Us

Reaching Up, Reaching Out, Reaching In.

Four Towns Community Church is a community of believers from all walks of life whose purpose is to glorify God in everything we are and in everything we do. We strongly believe that there is purpose, and fullness found in Jesus Christ, and the truth of who He is has so transformed us that we can’t keep quiet about Him or His good news that in Him there is forgiveness, healing, and life… It’s THAT amazing! As a church body, we are committed to seeing Jesus magnified and exalted in our own lives and community; thus we strive together to keep the main thing the main thing. For us, it’s simple…


It all starts with Jesus.

One of the greatest commands given in the Bible is to love God with all of our heart, mind and strength. Worshipping God extends beyond just a song, a service, prayer, and even social justice. Rather, in every way, we love Him because He first loved us. To worship Jesus is to make Him first in all things; to humble ourselves before His majesty and love Him as a brother. Before any love can extend to others–even to ourselves–we must first realize who our Creator is and live our lives as worshippers.


Loving People--no matter who they are.

We believe in following Jesus’ example in the way He humbled Himself to love and care for others–especially those who were considered outsiders, dirty, unwanted and “sinners.” Loving and serving others extends the love given by God to us, and it can come in various ways: it can be through a warm conversation, serving a meal to a hungry person, caring for a mother who just lost her child, or giving help where help is needed the most. This, we believe, is something that is part of every believer and as a body. For some of our ministries, click HERE.


Yes, we are a family.

Families can be dysfunctional and challenging, and the same can be for a church. But with Jesus as our Chief Shepherd, we know that by uniting together under Him brings joy and comfort that is best shared together. The purpose of “reaching in” is to spur each other onto good works and grow deeper in our knowledge of God and become more and more like Jesus. We aren’t afraid to challenge each other to dig deep in Scripture; we aren’t ashamed to share our burdens with each other so that we can encourage and pray for one another; and we all desire to benefit from the unity found exclusively within the Body of Christ.

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